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Our Ultimate Detox Package is here!

This package contains our essential drinks for detoxing & flushing out the body of harmful toxins: 1 Green Heart, 1 Mauby Cleanser, 1 Pineapple-Ginger Immune Booster and 1 Beet Beauty.



Green Heart contains all the greens for replenishing the body with the right minerals and nutrients.

dairy free, gluten free, nut free


Mauby Parasitic Cleanse is a powerful cleanser made from natural herbs. Its bitter taste is what gets rid of the mucus build up from the foods we eat. You can drink 1 bottle twice a day, or finish the whole bottle in one sitting if you are able to tolerate the taste.

dairy free, gluten free


Pineapple-Ginger Immune Booster is a great detoxer because of the concentrated ginger, it'll shred all unhealthy fats, while providing nutrients.

dairy free, gluten free


Beet Beauty is a blood cleanser & regulates blood pressure as well. It's loaded with antioxidants.

dairy free, gluten free


*Do keep in mind that as you do this cleanse, expect your body to flush itself out within the next few days, more often than usual. Bowel movement may change as well due to the body cleansing itself. It is important to stay hydrated throughout this juice cleanse. 

Ultimate Detox Package

  • Keep refrigerated until ready to consume. Due to the nature of the natural ingredients, product may separate. Shake well before opening.

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